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Apply, recruit or manage – or all three. All features available to all kinds of professionals and teams.

Freelancers and Job Seekers

Freelancers and Job Seekers

Find work or silently look for opportunities

Completely free
  • Get relevant offers from companies looking for your skills and expertise
  • One-click apply to projects and job offers
  • Smart onboarding and easy profile updates
  • Get a tailor-made printable CV that’s always up-to-date
  • Privacy: keep your profile anonymous until you apply to a specific job

Free for freelancers and job seekers. No monthly costs or hidden fees.



Find people for your projects or clients

€ 249 / month
  • Unlimited recruitment with no commission fees
  • Large talent pool for freelancer and permanent roles
  • Intelligent algorithm recommends the best candidates for the job

First 3 job postings are free.

Team Management

Team Management

Manage your team and find reliable freelancers

€ 2 /profile/month
  • Manage internal team member profiles and project allocations
  • Get insights and find the right team members by skill, location or allocation
  • Invite unlimited number of freelancers as guest members
  • Share your talent pool with other teams or view their team members
  • Get up-to-date CV of any team member or guest

Free for up to 10 users.

Passing cost savings to you

Traditionally IT recruitment fees are tied to the invoicing commission at the rate of 10–40 % from full consulting invoicing. Hiring an experienced full-time freelancer at this rate incurs a commission of up to 5000 € per month.

Jobexio’s fixed monthly fee is € 249. Even a small team making one part-time hire will lower their costs, and for a more active recruiter the price difference is staggering.

Pricing Comparison
Typical commission
Jobexio fee
1 per month
€ 1000 – 5000
€ 249
3 per month
€ 3000 – 15 k
€ 249
6 per month
€ 6000 – 30 k
€ 249
10 per month
€ 10 k – 50 k
€ 249
20 per month
€ 20 k – 100 k
€ 249

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249 / month

€ 249
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You’re free to use our full feature set in any combination – whether you’re a sole recruiter, a freelancer looking for assignments or a consultancy managing a larger team.


Can my company pay for the team plan by invoice?

Yes. We will send you an invoice on the first day of every month. This invoice will cover in advance the cost for the current month.

What if I add new profiles in the middle of the month?

We will calculate the final cost based on the situation on the first day of month. So for example, if you add 10 people on the 15th day of the month, these will not be billed at all for that month, but they will calculated towards next months invoice.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time, in which case the subscription will terminate at the end of the ongoing billing period.

So for example, if you cancel on last day of month, then your cancellation will be effective immediately on the next day. If you cancel on the 15th day of the month, then you can continue using the services still the remaining days of the ongoing month, but you will not be invoiced anymore for the next month.

Can I get a discount if I have more than 500 people in my company?

Contact us and we’ll negotiate a package that is right for you.

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