Never say no to your customer

Jobexio is an intelligent skill management and recruiting service

Jobexio connects freelance consultants and companies and most profitable job opportunities on one platform.

Find the talent your project needs

Manage your internal talent as well as post opportunities for freelance contractors in the Jobexio talent pool.

Build and manage your team

Build and manage your team

No Word documents or CV uploads needed. Manage your internal talent, their project allocations and invite external consultants on one platform. The intuitive setup and smart suggestions help you find the right talent for your customer, and manage a large team at no effort.

Quick insights of your team’s expertise

Quickly browse your team members’ bio, work history and expertise. When you need to know who in your team has experience with Tableau, log into Jobexio on any device and the answer is there.

Quick insights of your team’s expertise
Find contractors on the marketplace

Find contractors on the marketplace

Post opportunities for external contractors in our talent pool, and our service will automatically find the best candidates based their experience, hourly rate and location. Interview and hire as many contractors as you want at no additional cost.

Get Jobexio for Teams

Expand your offering to new technology projects, and never let your competitors enter your most profitable customers. All this is available with affordable fixed monthly fee from us, so book your 45 minutes demo now or just get started with FREE trial by signing up.

Real users are anonymous

Featured professionals on Jobexio

Jobexio’s talent pool is constantly growing with the best IT professionals in the Finnish market and internationally.

Senior Project Manager
Helsinki area
Cloud Architect
Stockholm area
UX Designer
Tampere area
AI Specialist
Helsinki area
BI Developer
Helsinki area


Are profiles in Jobexio publicly visible?

No, profiles are anonymous and only visible for team members in same team or when user accepts invitation to apply for a suitable job. Then profile is visible only for company posting the job or assignment. We always ask your permission to show your information separately for each suitable job.

How much does Jobexio cost?

Jobexio is free for IT professionals searching for a job or working on freelancer assignments. If you are interested in setting up your own team, then please enquiry from us or schedule demo below or sign up to start your free trial. You can also view pricing estimates from Pricing tab on this website.

Can I be a member of multiple teams if I do freelancing on the side?

Yes, it is possible to be guest member of several teams, but only possible to be full member in one team.

How can I register or update my profile?

There is Log In selection on top of this page, where you can get started or make changes anytime.

Do I need CV to register as IT professional?

In our service, you don’t need to fill CVs or cover letters. You are only required to fill in few basic information fields, core skills and salary request. When suitable job is presented for you, 1-click application is possible.

Never say no to your customer

Intelligent skill management and recruiting service for companies with IT projects