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Forget skill matrixes combined with availability charts in excel and long e-mail chains with partners. With Jobexio you will manage your internal team, trusted partners and even search for talented freelancers.

Build and manage your team

Internal talent management

Find the correct talent for the next project from your own team based on skills, availability and motivation. Enable talents to keep their CV's up-to-date thanks to lovable user experience.

Partner management

Do you want to focus on your core business, but still get the big projects, where additional know-how is required? Invite your trusted partners to Jobexio and share your team with them. Cooperation has never been more seamless!

Find contractors on the marketplace
Quick insights of your team’s expertise

Find experienced IT freelancers

Find immediately talented experienced freelancers for your projects utilizing Jobexio's large talent pool.

Jobexio gives us a clear overview of our resources and makes it easy to match an assignment to a consultant.

Atte Pohjanmaa
Atte Pohjanmaa
Vertics Oy
Intelligent team and skill management. Combine your internal team insights with partnership network management. Plan your project allocations and generate up-to-date CVs.
Find talented IT professionals quickly from Jobexio Pool of Talents.
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