Jobexio Resourcing Quick Start Guide

In this guide we will show you how to find the skillful and available consultant for your project needs immediately.

Step one - Invite your team members to Jobexio

Jobexio has an intuitive and easy onboarding for consultants starting when they accept the invitation sent by you. Thus the step to start using Jobexio is made as small as possible and you can start testing it with minimum effort.

You can start the testing with e.g. 10 consultants and Jobexio is totally free for up to 30 consultants.

  • Go to “My team” - “Team Settings” - scroll down until you find a header “Team members” and click on the “INVITE” button.
  • If you are inviting recruiters or team managers from your company, use the role “Admin”.
  • If you are inviting internal consultants from your company, use the role “Member”.
  • If you are inviting freelancers or subcontractors use the role “Guest”.

Step two - Resource Allocation

  • Go to “RESOURCING”
  • Click the button “NEW PROJECT”
  • Name the project and add all the talents working on the project.
  • Add the number of working days per week for each talent according to their needed effort in the project.
  • Repeat this step until you have all your active projects in Jobexio.

Step three - Search skillful and available consultant

  • Go to “MY TEAM” and you are ready to start searching for available and skillful consultants for your needs.
  • Use a keyword in the search bar to find the correct person.
  • Check the availability from the profile of the talent.

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