General Terms of Service

  1. Scope

Jobexio is a consultancy exchange platform service (“Jobexio Service”) developed and provided by Jobexio Oy (“Platform Supplier”), a Finnish company with business ID 3227402-2 and official address at Sarvipöllöntie 1, 01800 Klaukkala, Finland.

Jobexio Service enables an IT professional or company such as a freelancer or small consultant company (“Service Professional”) to provide people to connect with and enter into contract to perform services or be employed by customer companies (“Teams”). In addition, Jobexio Service provides the Teams a way to manage their own workforce and find external IT professionals to work with freelancer contracts or with permanent employment contracts. The Service Professionals and the Teams will enter into service or employment contracts on their own terms and conditions. For clarity, the Platform Supplier is not a party to the contracts between the Service Professionals and the Teams.

These General Terms of Jobexio Service (“Terms”) govern the access to and the use of Jobexio Service by each registered user (“User”). The User must accept these Terms before accessing or using Jobexio Service. The User will be registered in Jobexio Service as a representative of either the Service Professional or any of the Teams.

The Platform Supplier may from time to time update these Terms at its sole discretion. The updated version of the Terms will be published on Jobexio Service. The User will be requested to accept the updated Terms as a precondition to continue to access and use Jobexio Service.

  1. Provision of Jobexio Service

The Platform Supplier shall provide the User with an access to use Jobexio Service. The User shall have a right to use Jobexio Service for their internal purposes only. The user account is personal.

If the Platform Supplier needs to interrupt or restrict the provision of Jobexio Service temporarily due to e.g. maintenance measures, the Platform Supplier endeavors to notify the User in advance through its website or Jobexio Service. The Platform Supplier intends to make Jobexio Service available on a 24/7 basis but shall not give any service level guarantee or warranty. Consequently, Jobexio Service is provided on an “as-is” and “as-available” basis.

The Platform Supplier develops Jobexio Service and may from time to time modify and release new versions of Jobexio Service at its sole discretion.

  1. User's duties

The User is responsible for managing their own user account, including keeping their personal information accurate and up to date. In addition, the User shall control who shall have access to their personal information and removing the access once it is no longer needed. In particular, the User must use their real identity, name, and contact information on their user account.

The User shall not use Jobexio Service for any illegal, unauthorized, offensive, or harmful purpose but shall comply with all applicable laws, rules, regulations, and user instructions of Jobexio Service.

Jobexio Service is made available to the User free-of-charge. However, the Platform Supplier may publish chargeable features that the User may order on separate terms and conditions.

The User is responsible for acquiring and maintaining at the User’s own expense hardware, software and telecommunications that are required to access and use Jobexio Service.

  1. Intellectual property rights

All copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property rights relating to Jobexio Service, including its modifications and new versions, will remain the exclusive property of the Platform Supplier or its licensors. The User shall have only a limited right to access and use Jobexio Service in accordance with these Terms.

The Platform Supplier shall have a right to use content and information, including feedback, provided by the User only for the purposes of providing Jobexio Service, and for developing and improving Jobexio Service.

  1. Confidentiality and privacy

The Platform Supplier shall maintain the confidentiality of the User’s personal data and process such personal data in accordance with Jobexio Service privacy policy.

  1. Limited liability

To the maximum extent permitted by the applicable law, neither the Platform Supplier nor any supplier or licensor of the Platform Supplier shall be liable for any indirect, special, consequential, punitive or incidental damage, or loss of revenue, profit or data, in relation to Jobexio Service or these Terms. Regarding direct damage, the maximum liability of the Platform Supplier shall be limited to EUR 100. The User expressly acknowledges and accepts that these limitations of liability constitute an essential part of these Terms.

  1. Termination of user account

The User will be entitled to terminate their user account at any time through a specific account removal function of Jobexio Service.

The Platform Supplier will be entitled to terminate the User’s user account with a seven-day written notice to the User. In addition, the Platform Supplier will be entitled to temporarily suspend the User’s access to Jobexio Service if the Platform Supplier has a justifiable reason to believe that User has violated these Terms, in which case the Platform Supplier will notify the User of the suspension in writing.

  1. Governing law and disputes

These Terms shall be governed by the substantive laws of Finland, excluding conflict of law principles in any jurisdiction.

Any and all disputes, controversies or claims, which the parties fail to settle amicably, arising out of or relating to these Terms, or the breach, termination or validity thereof, shall be submitted to the District Court of Helsinki as the court of first instance.

  1. Miscellaneous

The Platform Supplier shall be entitled to transfer Jobexio Service to a third party, including the contractual relationship with the User.

These Terms will be applicable as of the date set forth in the beginning of these Terms.

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